Casambi Webinar

Specifying for Sustainability and Wellness.

20 minutes

Real estate owners, developers, and managers are always on the lookout for the best solutions to cost-effectively boost the eco-credentials of their buildings and improve occupant welfare.

Wireless smart lighting control can help solve some of today’s biggest challenges. In fact, it can play a key role in helping to deliver numerous Sustainable Development Goals, as laid out by the UN.

We believe in the transformative potential of wireless lighting control for a better world. Specifying with Casambi is quick, seamless, joyful, and easy. It’s ideal for the creation of highly personalized smart lighting networks, for meeting the highest demands and fulfillment down to the smallest detail.

For those who are newer to specifying wireless control systems, Karla Martin, Lighting Controls Designer, will share how Casambi can simplify the design process, allowing you to fulfil a client brief cost-consciously and creatively.

About the presenter: Karla Martin – based in Milan, Italy.

Karla obtained a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design before going on to complete a master’s in Virtual Architecture and Interiors.

‘I’ve worked as a lighting designer for many years – initially working with DALI. When I first discovered Casambi, I was bowled over by its simplicity, scalability, problem-solving capabilities, and the endless list of options it offers. Oftentimes, the first reaction to wireless tech is pretty negative or cautionary. There is this assumption that it will be overly complicated and expensive. I want to change this incorrect perception and open my industry peers’ eyes to the possibilities with Casambi.’


Karla Martin

Lighting designer