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Arup on Cities: It’s time to double down on sustainable building design

1 hour

Webinar agenda

Much of Europe is bracing for the incoming, energy-intensive winter season as the cost-of-living crisis bites. Inflation rate hikes fuelled by global uncertainty are forcing governments, consumers, and businesses to reprioritize their spending. Sustainability efforts are put on the back burner.   

Why does it have to be this way?!  

There are many sustainable actions that can be taken now to survive the current storm and thrive in the long term. What’s great for the planet and people can also be good for the profit margins. In the built environment, it’s about designing for resilience.  

Sean Lockie, Associate Director at Arup, supports the revered engineering firm’s Integrated City Planning team on all aspects involved in climate change innovation covering finance, business models, citizen activation, planning, policy and regulation and supply chain redesign.  

He joined us for a fabulous webinar session to bring forth great stories about sustainability and future-forward projects from the metropolis. There’s plenty to be optimistic about! He discussed the big trends affecting cities as they face an onslaught of challenges and explained why now’s the time to double down on sustainable building design. 

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About Sean Lockie

Sean has had an international career spanning 25 years that has seen him living and working in Nairobi Kenya, Accra Ghana, Lima Peru, Auckland New Zealand, London and Milan. Today, Sean is part of Arup’s leadership team, where he provides deep expertise in the areas of sustainability, decarbonization, resilience, climate change and circular systems.  He seeks to identify and catalyze meaningful new initiatives to address critical decarbonization and sustainability needs through innovative business models, finance and funding, participatory practices, governance and policy, through rapid learning and feedback loops. His ultimate value in this effort is the ability to identify opportunities ‘on the horizon’ and engage thought leaders and key stakeholders to make them real.


Sean Lockie

Associate Director, BPlan, BA, MSc, FRICS fellow