On-demand webinar

Casambi Pro: The latest features

1 hour

Commissioning lighting can get complicated. Especially when dealing with projects of scale, challenges posed by architectural layouts, excessive or insufficient daylight, the need for energy efficiency, tight deadlines and the balancing of aesthetics, functionality, and user comfort.  
Casambi Pro was born out of the desire to alleviate the burden and daily pressures encountered by commissioning engineers.  
Take a large office block… this typically consists of numerous floors, open spaces, corridors, meeting rooms, and individual workstations, each with different lighting requirements. Balancing these varied needs while maintaining a cohesive lighting design can be demanding. Implementing smart lighting systems, such as motion sensors, daylight harvesting, and automated controls, becomes more intricate the larger the project.  
But what if you could plan, test and configure it all in a virtual environment first?  
During this on-demand webinar, Tarja Hakala, Product Owner and Timo Korhonen, Head of UX Design at Casambi run through the latest features offered through Casambi Pro – your free planning and commissioning tool that is set to speed up project configuration. 

Webinar Agenda

The latest features will be demonstrated in detail: 
  • Space templates 
  • Project sharing 
  • New functionality on the iPad and iPhone  
  • EnOcean support 
  • Editability of items. 

Next steps during 2023 
Q&A session 



Tarja Hakala

Product Owner



Timo Korhonen

Head of UX Design