On-demand Webinar

Salvador Series // Bringing the Casambi Experience to Wired DALI Systems

40 minutes

Introducing Salvador. There’s nothing on the market quite like it!

Discover the unparalleled innovation of the Salvador Series, the latest addition to Casambi’s DALI integration options, launched in 2024. This compact, matchbox-sized module revolutionizes the programming and control of DALI luminaires via the Casambi app. It enables the seamless extension of existing DALI networks and the creation of hybrid networks integrating Casambi Ready, EnOcean, and DALI devices.

Don’t miss our webinar to learn more about this cutting-edge technology!

In this on-demand webinar we provide:

1) A comprehensive introduction to the product series, showcasing its unique features, specifications, key benefits, and competitive advantages.

2) An in-depth explanation of the underlying technology, including a step-by-step guide demonstrating its functionality and performance through a sample project.

3) An overview of its applications in lighting control designs, exploring various use cases and scenarios to optimize your designs.






Mika Hoikkala

Mika Hoikkala

VP of Engineering



Tarja Hakala

Product Owner



Selen Celik-Gungor

Lighting Control Designer