On-demand Webinar

Casambi X Fagerhult: Wireless Control's Role in Fluorescent-to-LED Conversions.

1 hour

In this on-demand webinar, Casambi’s Viktor Olsson, and Fagerhult’s Sead Redzic shed light on the EU's recent ban on fluorescent lighting, exploring its implications, significance, and the exciting opportunities it brings for smarter lighting control.


Here's a glimpse of what they cover:

What’s the significance of the fluorescent ban on the market?

Discover how this ban is reshaping the lighting industry and market dynamics.

Why does it open the doors for smarter control?

Learn how the ban paves the way for innovative lighting control solutions and greater energy efficiency.

What does Casambi enable when replacing Fluorescents with LEDs?

Explore how Casambi's technology unlocks further potential latent in LED lighting for enhanced performance and control.

How to approach a refurbishment project to maximize sustainability?

Gain valuable insights from Fagerhult into sustainable lighting strategies for refurbishment projects.


Don't miss this opportunity to gain expert insights and practical knowledge that can benefit your lighting product development and lighting projects. Whether you are a luminaire manufacturer, an architect, lighting designer, facility manager, or simply interested in the future of lighting, this webinar is tailored to inform and inspire. 


Viktor Olsson Casambi

Viktor Olsson

Business Manager Northern Europe


Sead Redzic Fagerhult

Sead Redzic

Connectivity Adviser