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Light Trickery: The science behind HCL in the workplace

1 hour

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Considering we will all spend an average of 90,000 hours at work, the case for human-centric office lighting couldn’t be stronger. Dynamic lighting is proven to enhance productivity, improve the regulation of circadian rhythms, boost mood, raise the visual acuity of workers, and reduce energy consumption.

But the human body and its intricate systems are highly complex. One question that captivates researchers is … how exactly does light impact psychology and physiology?

Certain color temperatures can stimulate brainwaves that influence the transition between conscious and subconscious states. And did you know that when exposed to light with a wavelength of 460nm (blue), a person’s internal body temperature and heart rate actually increase?

If you’re curious about the biology behind dynamic lighting, watching this on-demand webinar is a no-brainer. Professor Andrea Siniscalco from Politecnico di Milano’s Lighting Laboratory brings scientific research and fresh thinking into the dynamic lighting control game.

About Professor Andrea Siniscalco

Professor Andrea Siniscalco can be found in lecture halls sharing his latest research in lighting and product design. He holds a Ph.D. having graduated with a thesis entitled “The product for light: a methodology for the holistic design of luminaires and lighting systems”. Siniscalco has published more than 50 papers in journals, books and international conferences. His latest research focuses on lighting design for well-being. Loved and respected by his students, he is credited with preparing and inspiring the tech and science-savvy lighting designers of tomorrow.  


Andrea Siniscalco


Politecnico di Milano’s Lighting Laboratory