Casambi Whitepaper: Casambi System Overview

In this comprehensive document, we explain the core components and capabilities of the Casambi system, equipping you with the knowledge you need to leverage its potential for enhancing lighting control and management. 


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Are you looking for an all-encompassing explanation of the Casambi lighting control system and its vast array of cutting-edge features? This document succinctly covers it all: 

How Casambi harnesses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, making it compatible with your modern devices. How Casambi's technology creates a resilient mesh network with no single points of failure. How it offers interoperability, whereby Casambi seamlessly integrates with partner products, supporting standards like DALI, EnOcean, and more.

What's Inside:
Explore the hardware products offered by Casambi and our versatile applications. Delve into network types, modes, and robust security features, including access control and encryption. Discover the extensive functionality of the Casambi system, from grouping and scenes to animations, gallery customization, light color control, motion and daylight sensors, scheduling, and beyond. Learn about the Casambi API for third-party integration, explore D4i data extraction and wireless emergency lighting solutions.

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