Casambi Whitepaper: Casambi System Security

This whitepaper focuses on the security of Casambi's wireless lighting control technology, which is based on Bluetooth Low Energy. It highlights the growing prevalence of Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled devices and the need for robust security measures to protect data transfer over radio waves. We explain our commitment and actions toward achieving cybersecurity.


The paper discusses potential cyberattacks, such as passive eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle attacks, and identity tracking, and outlines various security measures to mitigate these threats. It also explains the resilient, self-healing qualities of Casambi's mesh network topology. The paper also explains how access rights and security levels are managed within the Casambi system and details the encryption methods employed to secure communication channels. 

Additionally, it highlights Casambi's engagement with ethical hackers, cloud security, and certifications. Several case studies demonstrate the successful deployment of Casambi's technology in sensitive environments like hospitals, the BBC, and Helsinki Airport.

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