Wireless Lighting Control for Sustainability and Well-being

Casambi's wireless lighting control technology is pivotal for sustainability and well-being in the built environment, addressing energy efficiency, embodied carbon, circadian lighting, and light pollution, while also aligning with circular economy principles and aiding building certifications. This whitepaper explains how.


This whitepaper discusses the critical role of wireless lighting control technology, particularly the Casambi system, in promoting sustainability and well-being in the built environment. 

It explains how Casambi enables energy efficiency through strategies like daylight harvesting and occupancy control, reduces embodied carbon by simplifying lighting controls, supports the circular economy by making upgrades and reusability easier, and ensures a future-proof system that adapts to changing regulations. 

Additionally, Casambi's contribution to well-being is discussed, focusing on factors like personalized lighting control, circadian lighting, access to daylight, and comfortable lighting.
The paper mentions Casambi's role in ecological responsibility, particularly in reducing light pollution through precision optic systems and adaptive lighting control strategies.

Casambi's contributions to building certification systems such as BREEAM, LEED, and WELL are also outlined, showing how the technology helps achieve various credits related to energy efficiency, visual comfort, and sustainable lighting practices. 

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